RACE DATE – Sunday, May 1st. 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: all junior-age riders (18 years of age or younger) are required to have junior gearing. See this link for more information.


Jr Men 11-14A138:30aAwards3 Deep       
Jr Women 11-14A138:30aAwards3 Deep       
Jr Men 15-18B248:45aAwards3 Deep       
Men 5**C249:00aAwards5 Deep     
Men 5**D249:10aAwards5 Deep     
Women 40+E249:15a$150755025       
Women 4,5E249:15aAwards5 Deep     
Jr. Women 15-18E249:15aAwards3 Deep       
Men 1, 2F7210:30a$600140120907060504030  
Men 3G7210:35a$4001008070605040    
Men 40+*H4810:40a$3009575604030     
50-59 bonus*H4810:40a$150755025       
60+ bonus*H4810:40a$75352515       
Men 4I4810:50a$3009575604030     
Women 1, 2, 3J4811:00a$600140120907060504030  

*Master Men – All riders are competing for the overall purse. 50-59 & 60+ racers are eligible for the 40+ purse. 50-59 & 60+ is bonus. Ex. if a 50-59 rider finishes first overall, then they receive both the overall first place purse, plus first place 50-59 bonus. If a 60+ rider finishes first overall, they are not eligible for the 50-59 bonus, just overall and 60+ bonus.

**Men Category 5 NWA Spring Classic fields are limited to 50 riders. If more than 50 Category 5 riders register, then two groups will be established and separated by age.  2019 categories were 39 and under and 40+. 2022 TBA

USA Cycling Road Development Race Series Awards

These categories will be given separate awards provided by USA Cycling.

Jr Men 11-12MedalsGoldSilverBronze
Jr Men 13-14MedalsGoldSilverBronze
Jr Men 15-16MedalsGoldSilverBronze
Jr Men 17-18MedalsGoldSilverBronze
Jr Women 11-12MedalsGoldSilverBronze
Jr Women 13-14MedalsGoldSilverBronze
Jr Women 15-16MedalsGoldSilverBronze
Jr Women 17-18MedalsGoldSilverBronze