RACE DATE – Sunday, May 1st. 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: all junior-age riders (18 years of age or younger) are required to have junior gearing. See this link for more information.


CategoryGroupMilesLapsStartPurse Payout   
Jr Men 11-14A1318:00aAwards3 Deep       
Jr Women 11-14A1318:00aAwards3 Deep       
Jr Men 15-18B2418:15aAwards3 Deep       
Men 5C2418:30aAwards3 Deep     
Women 40+D24 18:45a Awards 3 Deep        
Women 4,5D24 18:45aAwards5 Deep     
Jr. Women 15-18D24 18:45aAwards3 Deep       
Men 1, 2E8049:15a$400$110$100$80$60$50  
Men 3F6139:25a Awards 5 Deep     
Men 40+G4329:35a Awards 5 Deep     
Men 4H4329:45a Awards 5 Deep      
Women 1, 2, 3F6139:25a$400$110$100$80$60$50